Friday, December 11, 2009


Im getting ready for the kids' birthday party this afternoon. My mom took the kids to the mall, leaving a quiet house. Decorating cupcakes, hanging a few decorations, and tidying their toys, Im struck at how lucky I am. Or is it really luck? Perhaps it is something bigger than a simple toss of a coin. I am blessed.

I have seen a lot in a few years. Woman who escaped violent marriages to save themselves and their children but were left with nothing, no one, and no place to go. Kids in Haiti who were on their own to scavenge a destitute country for food, for shelter, for a life. Families struggling to be reunited, parents who have given up, kids who sit in an institution waiting for holiday visitors who never come. I have looked in their eyes, held their hands, and wiped their tears. I have been amazed at their strength and resilience and crushed by their hopelessness.

I carry them with me today. There are so many who hold a place in my heart.

They inspire me to recognize what I have, to acknowledge my blessings for what they are - not simple luck, but a gift from God. A gift that needs to be shared, during the season and all year.

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AuntieM said...

Amen my sweet Lauren...We are and should be thankful for what we have for there are those who have not. Happy Birthday to my lovey niece and nephews..wish I was there to have a cupcake with them. I'm so glad Naunie (Noni) and Caca are there as well. It means alot to them. Have fun!!!