Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, and there was a bride too...

Mike's baby sister Melissa was married the day after Christmas in a gorgeous mansion complete with an indoor pool, balconies a plenty, and unparalleled charm.

But the real meat of the story is that my two boys wore tuxes and my girl a beautiful flower girl dress. Ella and Drew practiced just before the ceremony with all their cousins and performed their duties without a hitch. During the actual ceremony, Drew got a little cold feet and held Dad's hand down the aisle instead of going solo. My formerly shy curly haired beauty marched down the aisle, smiling like a princess and dropping her flowers ever so gently. She shined.

The rest is all about the dancing. They danced. They danced. And they danced. Tyler ran laps around the dance floor stopping occasionally to put his hands on his hips and wiggle. Ella spun and spun and spun. Drew had some crazy moves and everyone laughed. My favorite moments were when Tyler and Drew would break dance together. Where did that come from?!
They lasted until about 10, eating, dancing, and having the time of their lives.

The wedding was amazing. The food delicious. The band rockin'! An awesome wedding! Congrats Aunt Melissa!
Did you want to see pictures?! Click here

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Anonymous said...

The Wedding was a milestone event for Uncle Dave and me. What made it so great was having everyone we Love there to share our special day with us! I can not stop replaying the day in my head... Ella, Drew & Tyler are the biggest party animals I know! They made the day extra special! They looked so classy, precious and cute! Thanks to everyone for making our wedding day AMAZING!!
<3 Love, Aunt Melissa & Uncle Dave:)