Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We always have a bag handy to collect toys for kids that may not have any. We found a great little organization that puts them to good use and the kids love to go there and bring their bag of goodies. We talk about giving toys regularly, I admit I even use it as a threat sometimes..."maybe if you don't play with your toys nice, we can give them to a little boy who will." Works every time!

But, I was a little surprised this morning when Drew took the concept to a whole new level. It went like this...

Tyler was harassing Drew as usual. This morning he was insisting on wearing Drew's backpack.

In frustration, Drew looked at me and said, "Maybe we can give him to someone who doesn't have a little brother."

But he quickly added, "then we could pick him up in a little while."

I guess that is how it goes with little brothers, you may be tired of them sometimes, but in the long run you always want them around.


Nonnie said...

This is way too funny! I love how little Drew's mind is always clicking!! Not easy having a little brother or sister bugging you all the time . . . but definitely worth it!
Ask Mark or Matt??????? love you.

Hools said...

that's really funny :)