Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Random Things

Happy Friday! How about a few random things to start off your weekend...hopefully a LONG weekend?

5:: Little fish, tinker toys, and beads are always showing up on my floor. Do they multiply under the couch? Speaking of toys under the couch - some company out there should make something that fills in the space under your couch, but still looks attractive, so that thousands of cheerios and teeny toys are not always stuck under there - multiplying and then reemerging covered in dust.

4:: Drew and Tyler have sweaty boy feet that cause lots of sock lint to collect between their toes. Ella - not a speck in between her girlie digits.

3:: Remember this? He came this morning and my house was actually in great shape!! I didn't have a bra on and my hair was sticking up in 4 different directions, but hey, you can't have it all!

2::The kids still talk about Santa - a lot. As in, "Mom those geese are going to be on Santa's naughty list because they are chasing us and that is MEAN!!" By the way, I was just as afraid as the kids were, and yes, they were really chasing us - and hissing!

1::Finally, a random picture from this summer that I just found on an extra camera card. I think it is funny that Ella and the man behind her are making the exact same face. I think both were pretty unimpressed with the swan boat experience!

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