Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Mr. PSE&G

Do you have 10 minutes?

Every month you come into my home and down into the basement to read our meter. I never know what day it will be or exactly what time.

You are my monthly challenge. I am determined to have you show up one morning and walk through my 3 rooms and be shocked by the sparkling floors and the perfectly placed toys. I want you to walk down the basement steps without stepping over dirty bibs and wash clothes thrown down on their way to the laundry.

But while you are here this time, can I just explain a few things to you?

That pile of tissues on the dining room table. See one son has incredible seasonal allergies, the other is determined to empty the tissue box whenever he can get his hands on them. So, when he gets his little hands on them, we stack them up next to the box. Did I mention he laughs like crazy in the process?

Pillows on the floor. My husband prefers the floor over the couch for watching tv. My kids love this, as do he and I, because they sit on him, roll on him, walk on him, and hug and kiss him. He doesn't always (ever) put the pillows back. Did I mention they all laugh like crazy in the process?

Dinner dishes in the sink. I assure you that we have been so good about cleaning the kitchen at night. But last night was beautiful out. The kids begged for a few more minutes on the trampoline before pjs and we obliged. Two more minutes turned into almost an hour as we jumped, played ball and chatted with our neighbors until it was too dark to play. We marched into the house, straight past those dirty dishes, and straight upstairs for pjs and books. But did I mention we all laughed like crazy in the process?

Last time I tried it, no one laughed like crazy during clean up time, especially me.

So, next time you come stomping through here in your muddy work boots slow down and take a quick look around. I bet you will be able to see the fun and loving life we are living here. If you listen close you may even hear the echoes of us laughing like crazy as you gingerly pick your way down the basement stairs.

Yours Truly,
the messy and oh so happy housewife in the yellow house

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