Thursday, May 7, 2009


"Drew, no jumping on the couch!" I yell in from the kitchen as Im making dinner. A few seconds later, I peek in and see him doing it again. I walk over and tell him to stop, again.
"Oh, Ok mommy." As he hops on the floor. Then he looks at me with such a cute little face and says, "Where can I jump? Mommy, I need to jump!"

Have you ever seen your child on crack? Or steroids? Or a whole concoction of drugs?

He won't stop moving. Or eating. Or talking.

I feel like I have a new child. It is cute most of the time, but really I just want my unaltered buddy back.

I would add a picture, but he is moving too fast.

So, I know why Drew is manic...but what is Tyler's excuse?!

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