Friday, May 8, 2009

And then some...

Today we have a guest mom. She wrote this card to my grandmother for Christmas in 1978. They found it this year and gave it to me at Christmas.

December 20, 1978

Dear Mom,
I'm sitting here with a cup of tea, watching my little girl play. And, as I often do, I begin thinking that once, not so long ago, I was like Lauren and mom was like me. Life is funny the way it silently moves on. Then I began to think about Christmas and presents and how we worry over little things that really are not so very important. How sometimes we receive gifts all year through and don't even recognize them. I thought to myself, when Im like mom and Lauren is like me, what kind of Christmas present could she give me to make me really happy? You know what? She wouldn't find it in any store. All I could ever want would be to hear her say, "Mom, Im happy."
Well mom, this is the Christmas present I give to you. To tell you that Im happy, Im in love, my family is my life, and Ive got more than I could ever want. My soul and my mind is full of peace and I love life. I want to thank you for being there will all your hugs and love and understanding. Always there to dry a tear or pat me on the back when I needed it. You helped me be what I am.
Sometimes I think how much easier it was to be "the kid" instead of "the mother." I hope I can be the mother to Lauren that you've been to me. Before you know it Ill be like you and Lauren will be like me. I hope that someday I, too, will receive a gift like this.
Mom, this is my Christmas present to you. I hope you like it because there is no refund, no exchange, no merchandise credit. This is yours forever.
Love Nancy

This mother's day, mom, know that you have been an unbelievable mother and friend. I am deliriously happy (or just delirious, only time will tell) and I owe just about everything I have and am to you. Hopefully I can continue the tradition and be an awesome mom to Ella and the boys.
Love you!

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