Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This morning was a tough goodbye for Tyler. These last 3 days he has been attached to Mike, yelling "Dada" in urgency dare Mike walk 3 feet from him, so you can imagine the scene as Mike disappeared around the corner.

It feels good to see Mike so needed. I wonder sometimes as the kids cling to me or want it the way I do it or I take control (who me?!) if Mike would like to feel a little more needed. They ALWAYS want him, I mean who wouldn't with his fantastic hugs and his generous...well, everything. Mike is generous with everything from games, to books, to 5 more minutes of anything.

But needing is different than wanting. Although both feel quite good for the receiver.

I like that my kids need me. I need them.

This week though I need home. I need my mom. I need my dad. I need the familiar of my home and the scenery. Sometimes the pull is so strong it feels suffocating.

But, I also know that after a day without Mike, we will all feel a little lonely, And we will need him. Alas, it is tough when you can't have it all!

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