Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That Kind

Did you ever have a friend that was so awesome that she made you want to be better? A friend that you could see once every few years but still talk like you were neighbors?

Katie is that kind of friend.

She traveled from coast to coast to attend a friends wedding and we were lucky enough to snag her for an overnight visit. As an added bonus we got to see her beautiful baby belly first hand and bask in her pregnant glow!

Being with her reminded me of how I so much want to live a more purposeful life, as she seems to do so effortlessly.

Apparently Ella and Drew are excellent judges of character. They fell in love with her soft voice, patient manner, infectious laugh, and the kindness that oozes out of her pores immediately. She will be a fantastic mom.

And just like that she and her vintage suitcase disappeared into NYC.

The kids have asked for her daily and each airplane they point out in the sky holds Katie coming back for a visit.

If only.

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Katie Mae said...

Lauren, you are too sweet to me. Your kids are so wonderful. Being with them makes me excited about being a parent. And soon! One more month. (And I thought I was big before!) Much love to your family. -Katie Mae