Sunday, May 10, 2009

Two Important Moms

Dear Marietta,
There are a million reasons why I should thank you and honor you on Mother's Day - and every day for that matter. But the number one reason is for the love of my life and best friend, Michael. His character, sense of humor, and deep commitment to family are why I fell in love with him and why I love him even more today.
If our boys turn out to be half the man he is, know that you helped. And know that you should be proud.
With love and admiration, Lauren

Dear Mom,
I realize everyday that being a mother is a lot harder than it looks. But thank God I have you as an example to follow - a nearly flawless example at that.
I hope that I make you proud and I hope that I make you happy - I try to everyday. You certainly make me proud and happy.
One of the things that I admire most is that you have always given 200% to us kids (and now grandkids), but you also have a successful career, a beautiful marriage, friends, and golf. You may appear to stretch yourself thin, but you do everything so amazingly well and with a brilliant smile that those left in your wake can only assume that you have plenty left to give.
You are truly my hero.
I love you, Lauren

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