Monday, May 18, 2009

Swing a Ding Ding

Our love affair with swings started 3 years ago. That first spring I couldn't wait to get them in a swing together, like many twins I had seen before. It was as exciting as I thought it would be, for all of us. Ella and Drew tried out every swing in Hoboken (and there are lots) and kept swinging right into winter.
Of course we had to take a few months off, as snow and freezing temperatures make swinging a little less fun. But as soon as it warmed up - back to the park we went,
In went went Ella. Out went Ella. She was petrified. Shaking. I tried a few times all that summer, but eventually gave up. She no longer liked the swings. Drew kept swinging and sometimes Ella would push him.
The following Spring she adamantly told me that she did not like the swings. She didn't get in once.
Now, Spring 2009, we are swinging fools! All 3 love the swings and giggle and yell "higher" the entire time. Ella's face is the best, bordering on scared but so excited at the same time!
Here are all 3 swinging in Central Park. Not a great pic, but you get the idea. Ill try to catch one with Ella's scared/happy face!

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