Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bowling - sort of

What to do on a rainy winter afternoon? Why bowling of course!

This was their first time. Can you stand how tiny the shoes are?!
Ella, Drew and Tyler thought that Bowling was just the best thing ever. I call it "sort of bowling" because for starters they aren't strong enough to carry their own balls. Even if they were, I would be petrified they would drop it on their toes. So, Mike carries the ball up for them. Then of course they have the bumpers, so no gutter balls here. And just to take all of the bowling out of bowling, they have a contraption that allows the kids to simply push the ball down a ramp and into the alley

So we enjoyed an afternoon that was more pushing than bowling. But, it didn't phase them in the least. They loved seeing their name on the scoreboard. Drew loved drying his hands on the little fan provided at the ball return - sometimes returning twice to the fan before bowling/pushing. Tyler loved it all, perhaps the popcorn the best.

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