Monday, February 22, 2010


Im not the best at being pregnant. I know shocking, because I am the BEST at so many things, but alas...pregnancy is not one of them,

I don't glow (unless you count the sheen of my pregnancy acne). I don't one day "pop" a little belly that fits so adorably over my regular jeans. Nope. I expand and widen beginning the day I see that little plus sign on the drugstore test.

It seems the first trimester is the worst. Not only is my body freaking out in such unattractive ways, but every other part of me freaks as well. Im nauseaus all day, although thankfully not sick. Im exhausted. Im moody, Im grumpy, and my frustration is at an all time low (it isn't that high to begin with). I have no motivation to clean, do laundry, cook food, or otherwise take care of my house, my children, or myself. In pregnancies past, I lived in a little city that required walking everywhere. Looking back I realize how good the exercise and fresh air were. This go around I was banned from exercise (for a complication that has since corrected itself) and it only added to my grumpiness and sloth like self-image.

But now, here I am at 16 weeks - happier, more energetic, less sick, and nicer. I feel like a new person (and not just because of my wider hips and fatter A^%). Hopefully my kids and my husband notice.

And here's to hoping that the last trimester, in.the.dead.of.summer, isn't worse than the first.

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