Thursday, February 25, 2010


Oh, didn't I write anything today? After today, I should probably just read and re-read yesterdays post.

It was day 4 of the sickness from Hell. I have never seen my kids this sick. Heart breaking. Today we were also blessed with a snow storm that isn't expected to stop until tomorrow. Funny thing about kids - even though they are feverish and coughing up their internal organs, they still want to play out in the snow. And they continue to ask I think they are getting better because they now seem to have enough energy to torture each other instead of just laying on the couch.

So, we made cookies and we made these cool car race tracks. (Im so sorry, I can't find the link of where I found this idea)

I tried today, maybe not my hardest, but I tried. Even still, it was one of those days where even cookie making turns into a tear filled battle. Not exactly the vision I had when we started the fun. Maybe it's because not a one of us has slept well in 4 straight nights. Maybe it is because all of our brains have turned to mush from lack of fresh air.

Still, it is on these days that I love this blog the most. It helps me to focus on the best parts of the day, even a miserable one (today it was napping with Ella in my bed). It allows my mind to wander about a post I might write, pictures I should take - it gives me something to think about other than losing my mind.

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