Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Inevitable

There are so many awesome parts of being a parent, far too many to mention. From the first smiles, to the tightest hugs, to watching your kids accomplish, well, anything.

But at some point you start to learn the toughest lessons of parenthood. The lesson that a parent doesn't know everything, that a parent can't solve everything, and that a parent can't protect from everything.

Eventually your perfect little baby will get a bloody nose, miss the winning catch, and have their heart broken. These little or big bumps will not make your baby (no matter how old) any less perfect, in fact they will only cause you to love them even more, to raise that pedestal a little higher. But they will remind you of your own inadequacies, of your own inabilities to make the world revolve around your princess.

It will break your heart.

You can only hope that your baby emerges on the other side stronger, smarter, wiser and ready to try again. You can only hope that you did your job right from the beginning and that they know they can always come to you for help.

And then you remind yourself that you may not be able to solve everything, but you will always love them and most times that is enough.

...the picture is Nana Vera, turning 93 next week, she has been a parent longer than anyone I know...


Nonnie said...

Thank you.. . . I love you for everything you are and how much you care about me.

Nonnie said...

You know this made me cry . . .you know I needed this. You just know everything about me. . . . you are my best friend.