Friday, February 26, 2010

When it Rains...err, Snows...

18 Inches of snow, and still going strong. Lucky for us the bus system was suspended and Mike was able to stay home with us today.

Tyler was up all night burning with fever. The kind of fever that when you touched him, your hand still felt hot 3 min later. I knew at 4 AM that I would need to take him to the Doctor again today.

The doctor's office wasn't plowed, and the doctor couldn't get in. They finally called us at noon and said to head in. Tyler screamed his way through his 2nd exam this week. His ears are better, but something is brewing somewhere. They sent us home with a new prescription. Also mentioned that Ella has had fevers at night, along with her persistent cough. Doctor said wasn't much they could do, but if her fever persisted or spiked during the day to call.

I arrived home to find Ella burning up on the couch. 102.7

To add insult to injury Drew's eye was filled with yellow pus that reappeared every 5 min after I wiped it clean.


So, Dad and the boys valiantly braved the snow storm to fill 3 fresh prescriptions.

Can we make it through the weekend?


Anonymous said...

Oh no, that is horrid, I hope they all get better soon.

Nonnie said...

So . . now I know why you wanted me to buy them "barellas" in their words. So on a sick day they could open them and "feel" good. I love these pictures. The best $4.99 I ever spent. I hope they feel better soon. And I hope you get some sleep! I will be there tomorrow. . .just say the word. love you all so much. Nonnie