Monday, March 1, 2010

Out of Woods

Well, at least on the edge.

Drew is doing well, although still popping out some cute little hives on his face, elbows and legs. Benedryl is doing the trick for him, although I do detest giving medicine to my little ones.

Ella is still coughing, but thankfully the fever is gone. The dry air of winter has tamed her curls a bit, but the fever and its accompanying sweats brought those ringlets right back - a little silver lining. We are waiting for her disposition to return to normal, sometimes I wonder if the antibiotic she is on was mistakenly filled with teenage hormones.

Tyler woke up on Sunday as Polka Dot the Clown. It is both funny and sad. He is covered from the tips of his ears to his teeny toes with a Roseola rash. He isn't itchy or uncomfortable, although he did spend considerable time in the tubby "me wash polka dots off!" His cough has worsened slightly, poor little guy sounds like he has been smoking since birth. One plus is that my usually obstinate kid is a dream patient. He LOVES medicine, blows his own nose, and he remembers to throw the tissue in the garbage. What more could a mother ask for?!

We will return to the land of the living this week - get us out of here!!!

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