Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ladies who Lunch

She sat across from me at the table while the boys raced cars in the other room. For a minute it felt like we were out to lunch, just her and I.

Her eyes lit up as she chatted about her job at school and who she played with. She retold an entire book while happily munching her ham and cheese - hands flying and eyes widening at all the exciting parts.

I was struck with the notion that she is my little girl. All pink and sweet and growing up too fast.

Wish I could freeze that moment in time.


tracey clark said...

Gosh, I know how you feel. Those moments are what it's all about!

Hey, great news! You won a copy of Waiting for Baby from my giveaway! How cool that you really are waiting for baby. awesome!

Send your address and i'll send off your book!

Nonnie said...

Take it from one who knows . . . the boys can rule the house, building forts, playing nintendo,leaving smelly skates in the kitchen . . .but there is nothing like a little face with braids, wearing pink, sharing all her wonderful stories and secrets with you. Time changes nothing . . . my little girl still talks to me with open eyes, excitement, enthusiasm, sorrow, arms in the air, tears in her eyes. Nothing like a daughter to share your life with. love you.