Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring time - it is only natural to want to clean, not just clean, but purge.

We have way too many toys. On the spectrum of households with 3 kids, we are probably in the middle. I've seen lots more, I've seen lots less - still our collection seems too much for me. In theory kids need so little. Art supplies, books, balls, blocks, maybe some figurines. But see once I start that list it is hard to stop - what about cars? Play kitchen? Dolls?

And then there is the problem of how many of each. We can't have one car, heck not even 3 would suffice - so how many? I struggle with what toys to have 3 of - one for each kid so not only will the fighting be reduced, but so they can have fun. Then I wonder if that is excessive, shouldn't they learn to share and take turns? Isn't that one of the great lessons of having brothers and sisters?

So, I have a plan:

1. Purge :: anything broken, missing pieces, or left to gather dust must go.

2. Organize :: gather toys into bins that are easy for the kids to access. Once in their bins I should be able to tell if we have too many of that category (cars or balls for example) Books for big kids here, board books there, seasonal books away.

3. Prioritize :: Toys that are plastic and make noise are not ideal toys, only the most loved will stay.

4. Find Homes :: Every toy should have a designated space, that when put there leaves the rest of the house feeling uncluttered

That should be easy enough, right?

Ill let you know...but don't hold your breath!!