Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hey there little Guy!

I have just begun to feel you move, it happens enough now that I know it is you. Tiny little flutters and twinges to me, but Im sure you are kicking, flipping, and punching your little heart out in there.

Do you know what you are in for? 1 crazy loving big sister that will hug you so tightly you'll burst. 1 of the sweetest big brother's ever who will teach you to ride a bike or tie your shoes with never-ending patience. 1 big brother who will wrestle and chase you until you both collapse in giggles.

I should know by now to not even try to guess what we are in for, but I do anyway. Will you be like her? Will you look like him? Will you have dimples or curls?

For now I will be content with feeling your tiny kicks, reminding me that you are, in fact, on your way.

picture found on google images...I can't decide if it is so cool or so creepy...


kd said...


I can't decide about that picture either, though...

AuntieM said...

Woo Hoo!
How exciting! We can't wait either! E, D & T must be besides themselves as well as you and Mike. Take care, we miss you all!

Nonnie said...

I think this picture is amazing. How better to say to the world . . . I am here, and I am coming. I am alive and I am a person with a personality. Just wait world . . here I come. Amazing. . . God can absolutely make miracles happen. Enjoy the Miracle!