Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Own Team

It is officially official - new baby is a BOY.

They told me he was a boy a few weeks ago at around the 12 week mark. Honestly, I was doubtful. That was pretty early. And, I can't stop thinking that it is a girl. I have been hesitant to go through the clothes and all the names I like are girl names.

So much for mother's intuition. The technician was performing the routine ultrasound this week and I asked her to double check. She laughed at me. She knows, she has 4 boys!

My bathrooms will never be the same.

But, of course I am excited, we all are. Between Mike's brother's 3 boys and ours, we will have our own hockey team!

Submit name suggestions, we are at a loss here!!

image from Norman Rockwell

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Stacy said...

James! That would sound great with Ella, Drew, Tyler, and James! Also like Nicholas, Jonathan, and Luke. Congrats, Lauren, so excited for you.