Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Riding the Bench

I used to worry when my kids shied away from something. I would want to pressure them to keep trying. I was afraid that because of their fears, they would miss out on fun that every kid has - like carousels, big parachutes, and jumpy houses. I would strategize how to desensitize them to the scary things and plan in advance for birthday parties and music classes. I would laugh nervously at the other mothers and feel self-conscious.

Uhm, then I got a brain and loosened up.

And guess what, so did my kids.

I recently realized that I loved cuddling with Tyler on the sidelines when the clowns got a little too close. That it was so much easier when Drew chose to sit on the bench on the carousel than trying to supervise and satisfy 3 kids (the animals they want are always far away from each other).

As I sit back and relax, I observe that my kids are adventurous, brave, and a little wild - in their own ways, on their own time. Not every one likes roller coasters, and guess what? They still enjoy life.

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