Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Love

This being February and the month of L-O-V-E, why not share some of our loves every Monday?

Me:: Im loving the way Tyler talks, so deliberate and adorable. Im loving Pad Thai with lots of lime. Im loving crisp, clean sheets nestled under a big fluffy down comforter. Im loving bright blue sunny skies.

Ella:: She's loving her stuffed dog Lucy. She's loving carrying her twin baby dolls around in her trick-or-treat pumpkin. She's loving salami, pepperoni, and bologna (bring on the nitrates). She's loving her dad. She's loving the idea of Dance Class and the anticipation of the first class.

Drew:: He's loving dancing. He's loving mac & cheese. He's loving all things Peter Pan, except for the movie which scares him. He's loving the Ikea ball pit. He's loving talking to Nonnie and Caca on the computer, even though "saying goodbye makes me so sad."

Tyler:: He's loving his Daddy, especially when Mommy gets tough. He's loving all things Drew. He's loving Ella's flowered car seat. He's loving his football socks and his football Pjs. As always, he's loving mischief.

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