Thursday, February 11, 2010


Id be lying if I said this kid wakes up happy, more like a bear - or worse, a lion! Although his bed head always makes the rest of us smile!

Id be lying if I said he is clean. In fact he is usually covered in marker, stamp ink, glue, and some combination of syrup and ketchup - as are my sink, light switches, tables and chairs.

Id be lying if I said I wanted to make these lion masks. We had just wrapped up a marathon of Valentine crafts and Ella came up with this "good idea." But, I went along with it, because who am I to stifle creative genius? They love them. They were worth it.


AuntieM said...
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AuntieM said...

I love those masks! And, I love Mr. Bedhead! Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! Sending hugs and kisses your way!