Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I practiced and practiced on My Little Pony dolls until I had it almost perfect. Back then I didn't have my own hair in mind, I wanted to be able to braid real ponies hair into perfect plaits for competitions. I would stand on stools late into the night chatting with friends and feeling the excitement for what the next day would bring. We would put tons of teeny braids all the way down the horses neck, then put them to bed and hope the braids lasted till morning. I loved every moment.

It has been a long time since I braided a horses mane. But now I have different hair to braid. My little girls. There is just something about a little girl in braids. Quintessential. Although she sometimes gives me a hard time, I find braiding her hair one of the most relaxing parts of the day. I delight in the finished product - I feel pride over my little girl in her little braids. And they make me smile all day. I love every moment.


kd said...

You used to french braid my hair!!

Monkey Business said...

Oh, I loved our little ritual - I would sleep over the night before picture day, play lots of Guess Who, and then braid your hair in the morning.
ps. Im available for your wedding :) LOL

kd said...

You HATED Guess Who! I'll have to buy the kids that one day so they become obsessed and you'll have to play it with them :)
I still do need to figure out my wedding hair plans...I wouldnt mind a slight braid on the side!