Thursday, May 20, 2010

Final Stretch

Drew and Ella meeting Tyler

Well, I have officially entered the last trimester - a time for the belly to stretch even bigger, ankles to swell, and the nesting instinct to kick into high gear. For me it also means an impending surgery, a two week beach vacation, and a family wedding. In my previous pregnancies I never wanted the 3rd trimester to end. I was happy to be pregnant and a little nervous about the sudden life change. But this time around I am so ready. Ready to meet this little guy, introduce him to our awesome family - and to get this stinking Kidney Stone out and get my body back.

I met with the doctor today and figured I'd give you a little update. The last 2 months I have only gained 2 pounds - it is tough for me to eat when I am so uncomfortable. Luckily, I started out with a few lbs to spare and put on plenty before the Stone reared it's ugly head. The baby is growing great and Im trying to concentrate on healthy calories (but Edy's ice cream is oh, so yummy!). My blood tests show that the Antibody that caused concern in the beginning of the pregnancy is so low that it isn't showing up on tests. Good news!! The doctor thinks that my pregnancy is far enough along that the Antibody will not be able to effect the baby. They will do a few more blood tests just to monitor.

The good Doc also told me that if the scheduling works out ok, they may be able to handle the final kidney stone surgery while Im in the hospital with the baby. I love this news because I can't wait to get it out and I was worried about the logistics of leaving all 4 (FOUR!!! WHAT?!!) kids at home, especially a little one-weeker while I returned to the hospital. I like to keep my newborns close :)

The little guy will be here before I know it - and I can't wait!!

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kd said...

Woo! Good news :) Can't wait to meet him either! Thanks for making the trip up last weekend - it meant a lot to me that you and the whole fam was there!