Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We have retreated to my parent's house. Separated from a quiet side street by a long sprawling lawn, it is a haven. A haven from crowded NJ neighborhoods, noisy streets and the daily grind of life at our own house. The kids have discovered great hiding places in the giant bushes and sneak into flower beds to find little bugs and flitting butterflies.

I sit back and watch, with no guilt. No guilt that they are missing out on fun days, or adventures, or exploring. Having kidney stone/stent pain has been cramping out style in a major way. And the mommy guilt monster has been rearing its ugly head. But here, we are all content. More than content - happy -

It doesn't hurt that I haven't cooked a meal, done a load of laundry or picked up a toy.

Did I say retreat? I guess vacation is a better word.

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Nonnie said...

It is just called "home". Everyone in this world should have a place that they can come back to "that just feels comfortable, safe, fun". It is called home. Come back whenever you can. WE are here. We wait for you with love and open arms. And we will keep the light on every night!