Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shore Thing

Im taking my mom on her first trip to the Jersey Shore today. I wish I had great photo editing skills and could put a picture up of her with Snookie hair.

Our last two trips to the beach have been great. I feel like we can all play together without me being in pain. I feel like a fun mom right in the mix of things, instead of a lame hurting mom supervising from the sidelines. And the kids have the best time.

Off we go...

edited to add my mom as Snookie, or as my awesomely talented cousin-in-law titled her, Nookie - Thanks Shauna!!


Shauna said...

Oh, yay! I've been wondering what I could send you as a get well gift! Photoshopped Nancy photo en route! :)

kd said...

Ridiculous!! I love it.