Thursday, May 13, 2010


My kids are obsessed with "treats." That could be anything from candy to cookies or chips to ice cream. They are indulged more than I would like by my neighbors and their grandmas....but you are only a kid once, right?

These are the treats Im thinking about today...

*My husband took a surprise day off from work. He has already accomplished a few tasks around the house, walked the kids to school and let Tyler and I bask in his presence all morning. I feel relieved that should/when the pain hits I can retreat to the couch and the kids will still have a fun day.

*I recently heard about pretzel M&M's. Just the thought of them is tantalizing.

*I watched my littlest hold his Daddy's hand as they walked up the block. You really feel like a hormonal pregnant mother when a tear or two slips...but it was just so cute.

*We are going home tomorrow night for a few days. I feel more relaxed already. My parents truly are the best.

*My little charge will be picked up before dinner and the bedtime routine tonight. I still make a decent amount of money and the night already feels more relaxed. Oh, and with Daddy home - Woo Hoo, it's a party!!

*Oh, and People magazine arrives on little not-so-guilty pleasure :)

Sometimes it's the little things...

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