Monday, February 7, 2011

Bubble Girl

 Ella has been having some tough times these days. Remember when she was a baby and would completely lose it if a stranger made eye contact with her? We thought those days were long gone. The last few years most people describe her as outgoing - something we never imagined we would hear!

But in the last few weeks Ella has been having trouble once again. Suddenly the thought of going somewhere different or trying something new or even an unexpected trip to a familiar place has just tipped this little girl over.

She is so afraid to step out of our little family bubble and into the great big world. She cries. She bites her nails. She begs to go home or stay home.

But just as quickly as it begins, the whole ordeal ends. She bounces off into the party, the museum, or onto the skating rink and has the time of her life. And there I am standing on the sidelines wondering what the hell just happened! I wonder where it is coming from and how to help her. I read books, exhaust google searches, and lay awake at night coming up with plans.  We have been having great talks and Im learning so much about what goes on in my little girls head.

Im hoping this is just another little phase my quirky kids are passing through.  Im hoping that Im as good of a Social Worker as I always thought I was. Im hoping Im a good enough Mom to guide her through this.

In the meantime we are bursting the bubble as often as we can...because once she finds the courage to push through her little safety barrier - she truly is the life of the party - and the light of my life.


Shauna said...

That photo is amazing... as is little Miss Ella. :) Who can blame her for being a bit reluctant to leave such a happy little family, even for a few minutes???

Hools said...

Come over next week!!! Maybe she'd enjoy a visit with the new puppy!! We'll be home ALL week bonding, and would love to do a little bubble bursting :)