Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guy Smiley

 It isn't hard to make this guy smile, simply look in his direction. And once you see his eyes grow bigger and that smile stretch wide, you just can't help but smile yourself. It's no wonder all of us seem a little happier these days.
It's amazing how quickly and seamlessly he has become a true part of the family. He is right in the thick of all the action. He gets kisses at bedtime, he is at the table at dinner time, and of course along for the ride on all of our adventures.

Last night he was in the center of all 3 big kids while they danced and sang. His legs were kicking like crazy and his smile was so big his nose crinkled. It was one of those moments that will be stamped into my memory forever.


Shauna said...

Everything about this post makes me smile... Thanks for brightening a wintery morning!

Anonymous said...

he is just the happiest baby! i think i see nancy and joanne!!! love jan