Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mood Ring

 There are times when we are silly. Dancing around the house, singing songs, making up funny rhymes.
 There are times when we all enjoy each other. Snuggling, laughing, sharing so nicely you can taste the sweetness in the room.
There are also those times when the it seems we fill hours feeling frustrated, crying, whining and fighting. When they take turns marching angrily to their rooms for a "rest." When my jaw is tired from clenching my teeth. It is these times that we all need the silly times the most. We listen to music and sing - because you can't really be grumpy when you force yourself to sing. And we make plans about what to do when no one is sick and the snow/ice/slush is gone.

Beach anyone? Because like singing, it is pretty much impossible to be grumpy on a beach.


Jason said...

Hey Lauren--thanks for this. Sometimes guidance comes from unexpected places...been having some behavioral problems...maybe injecting some "silly" instead of anger will turn things around. Cuz anger and discipline doesn't seem to be working.

Monkey Business said...

Sometimes sitting & writing about our day gives me new insight. So many of my parenting ideas are easier said than done! Why do I end up in a battle of wills with my kids?! So yes, Silly works :) Also, I try to remind myself that repeating the same thing and expecting different results is INSANE - and I can only change what I am doing. Good Luck! Good thing they are cute, right?

Nonnie said...

Being a "nonnie" is just the best. I listen, watch, and remember. Being a parent is never, ever easy. Always a challenge. Always a new "stage". But . . . always so worth it. All that matters is love. They will always be okay, if they have love.

. . . and you guys know how to show that each and every moment of every day AND night!!

And . . yes. Good thing they are cute or you could probably just . . .um. . .um . . . hmmmm. We won't go there .

Just hug them whenever you can.

Wish I lived closer!!!! I could hug them 201 times a day. Maybe 202!!

Best time of your life!! Enjoy. ..!!!!!!!