Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Peas

 It's funny to see how the dynamic changes when one of the kids is out of the picture. Drew was home sick with Dad, so the rest of us snuck off for a day at the Science Museum. Ella and Drew have been an obvious duo since day one. And lately Tyler and Drew have been buddying up while playing soccer, baseball, or hockey. As we strolled through the exhibits, I realized that the Tyler/Ella combo is not seen too often in these parts.
Silly, really, because they are a perfect match. A match of sass and spunk that could clash and cause a day of petty fights and battles of strong wills - but it didn't. Side by side they explored, took turns, shared and ran ahead of the stroller in excited little steps. She helped when he needed it and he pointed out his favorite things.
Don't be mistaken, we sorely missed our buddy Drew - in fact they both asked for him several times. But despite his absence, the day was a success, a pleasure, a gem among snow days spent stuck in the house. 
And it was an inspiration to shake things up and see what comes of it more often. 

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