Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Boy

 Did I forget to mention my baby boy Colby turned 11 months a few weeks ago? 
 He is always eating. Always. As a result his face is always messy - why keep wiping if he is still eating? 
He'll have whatever your having. Chicken, fish, steak, veggies and of course fruit galore. Baby food now comes in squeezable little pouches - he starts sucking and doesn't stop until it is empty! 
And don't even think about eating ice cream in front of him without sharing! 
 As soon as the music starts he dances. He waves his hands in the air like he just don't care! Except he always stops to check if your boy likes an audience. He also slaps his belly and knees to help with the beat. We love it. 
He is OBSESSED with dogs. He chases them (at a sadly slow pace) shouting his attempt at "dog!" He also says "woof woof." We are working on patting gently, as his petting style is currently the "grab a handful of fur and don't let go" method. Thank goodness we have a plethora of nice doggies around. In fact, the kids have been around so many dogs this summer, they started treating Colby like a puppy. 
"Come here boy!" 
"Sit, Colby, sit!" 


kdk said...

Glad to hear my godson is an animal (and food) lover!! :)

Kristina said...

Wow...Colby and Emily are two peas in a pod! So many similarities, they would be best buds. Food, love of music and dancing, hamming it up, chubby cheeks! Hope that they get to meet some day.

How was the move? Would love your new address when you get a chance.

- Kristina

Kristina said...

Forgot to mention the absolute obsession with DOGS! Emily can't get enough...real, toy, TV, books...if it has a dog on it she's thrilled. You would think a stroll on the greenway was just to dog watch, she gets so excited, her whole body shakes and she's yelling "DOWG, DOWG" pointing at the top of her lungs. And if by chance she gets to pet one or get licked by one she squeals in delight.

Love you guys,