Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation Recap

Going on vacation with 10 adults isn't always picture perfect, no matter how much you build it up beforehand - and I build it up, I do. 
There are 10 different ideas about everything from the best beach to what time we should have dinner. 
Add in 7 kids, 3 dogs and a case of Vodka and there are bound to be some moments that don't make the memory book. 
But thats ok. Because for every not so perfect moment, there is an awesome one. 
 Great moments arise when you are surrounded by people who have always been there. The shared memories and experiences added up over the decades give way to deep belly laughs and good natured teasing. 
 And now we are laying that foundation for our kids. One day sitting around a campfire they will laugh about these shared experiences (remember when Nonnie got hit by a firework?!) and bask in the easy going feeling that only comes with family.
No matter how many Holidays and Kids Birthday Parties you stack up, it just isn't the same. 
And that's why we go on family vacation. 

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kdk said...

Ahh! I hope Nonnie is okay after the firework incident :)