Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zoo Camp

Before I had kids I was steadfast that summer camp in unnecessary. I still think it is a little silly, especially if one parent stays home. There is so much to do in summer, why not enjoy it with the kids?! 

Then we became members of our favorite little local zoo 3 years ago. In the first members brochure I saw it:: ZOO CAMP. Starting at age 5, just one week of mornings, $100 a kid. I decided that day, when they were 2.5 that they would attend. 

So, they did! Along with their cousin Joey they went to Zoo Camp last week. Each day they entered the zoo before opening. They covered different types of animals (reptiles, birds, mammals, etc), toured the zoo, touched animals, played camp games and had snack.

They loved it! All afternoon our conversations were filled with fun facts.
"Mom, did you know that a Toucan tosses his food in the air, catches it, then eats it?"
"Mom, a girl condor has a little stripe on her neck, but not the boy"

It was all I could do to not sign up for the Junior Zoo Keeper camp myself.
Who says we can't live vicariously through our kids?! 


jan walsh said...

what a wonderful opportunity. i feel when one has a love and appreciation for all kinds of animals life and relationships have more meaning! love jan

kdk said...

I wanna go!! :)