Monday, July 18, 2011

Here we go...

Ella:: Mom, can I have one of those bathing suits McKenzie has? The one that looks like underwear and then the other part looks like the thing you wear when you're feeding Colby?

Me:: A bikini?

Ella:: Yeah, that. Can I have one?

The conversation kept going, but my chest tightened and I immediately saw the road ahead of Ella and I. The one where she grows up despite my best efforts to keep her my little girl forever. I don't want her to know what a bikini is, never mind want one. And Im well aware that my ignoring conversations, or avoiding teaching moments isn't helping her...or keeping her little. Exhibit B::

Ella:: Oh, they look like those things you have. You know the things that kind of pop out when you feed Colby?

Me (after mentally forcing myself to not change the conversation):: Ella, those are called Boobies or Breasts.

Ella (as she rolls her eyes on the way out of the room):: I know that Mom.

Im a little sad tonight thinking about how my little girl is going to change and grow. Leaving her braids behind for makeup and heels. But Im a little excited too...looking forward to talking as friends...if I do it right :)

Wish us luck!

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jan walsh said...

oh you'll do it right you already are!!!! I completely understand! you still have a LONG LONG WAY to go before heels and make-up!!! ENJOY THE RIDE! IT GETS FAST AND FURIOUS sometimes! love jan