Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Playground

At first we were all a little disappointed. We signed on for ocean front, and although we were technically ocean front, it wasn't what we expected - sand and waves. Instead it was a winding walk through natural marsh finally ending in a short sandy beach. Beyond the beach was sea grass and at low tide, tidal pools and sand bars as far as the eye could see. At high tide you could walk forever just to get waist deep, as the water gently lapped against the shore. 
To the left of the house was a small beach on the corner of where marsh met ocean. A channel curved snake like through marsh and sand, meeting the ocean with a pretty impressive currant. 
Peppered throughout the landscape were big jetties - long stretches of giant rocks, providing relief from the burning white sand. 
 But what we discovered was that the landscape in front of our house was the perfect summer playground (and provided jaw dropping views, day and night.) 
The kids had an absolute blast. Riding the currant on kick boards, searching for crabs, snails, periwinkles, hermit crabs and more, and jumping across jetties like nimble little sprites. 
The adults floated too, on the natural lazy river, and we plopped our chairs in the oceans edge, watching the tide change the landscape hourly. 

The unexpected turned into unexpected bliss. 


kdk said...

Wow! That is an amazing picture. I'm renting that house next year :)

jan walsh said...

that is spectacular! reminds me a wee bit of our little secluded beach in savin hill down the gully!!!! at high tide in the good old days we would float on tidal "rivers" on real tire innertubes!!! looks like you all found paradise! on a huge scale! thanks for sharing. you write beautifully love jan walsh