Monday, July 25, 2011


 15 years ago this Fall, I barely had one foot in New Jersey when I was tackled. 
I had made the voyage to the Garden State for the first time with my new boyfriend/eventual husband. He was to introduce me to his family and I was nervous.

But my nerves were knocked out of me by a bear hug before I even stepped over the threshold. 
Melissa, full of energy and barely a teenager, was the first to greet me and I felt welcome immediately. 
It is hard not to smile when you are with Meliss. 
And everyone laughs at least once. 

And watching my husband with her made me fall in love with him even more. 
And now watching my kids love her, well that just seals the deal. 

We are all lucky to know her and love her and be loved by her. 
(and even luckier that she is a teacher and hangs with us all summer!!)

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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

I love you too!!! Your the best!!! Don't know what i would do without you!!!