Thursday, December 15, 2011

Drew Boy is 6!

Hey Buddy Boy!
You are the absolute sweetest boy. I've known it since you were a baby. No matter what the whacky twin sister did to you, you were only sweet to her. Nothing has changed - you are still sweet. It is funny how the world works, buddy. Some people think that the rougher the boy, the better. That boys should be rough and tumble, getting into messes and trouble. And sometimes they do, and sometimes you do. But a sweet boy - a gentle, caring, thoughtful boy - well, he is just amazing. Sometimes when I see you being you, I smile because I can imagine the husband and father you may someday be - your family will be so lucky.

6 is going to be a good year for you pal. You are coming into your own. People used to call you shy and quiet - but I haven't heard that in a while! You marched onto the soccer field, into Kindergarten, and wobbled out with your ice skates like a soldier...a happy soldier. You have made friends at school, and jump into neighborhood games. You are Mr. Confident these days, and I like it :)

It is hard to talk about you without mentioning the Captain. You guys have something special Drew, you always have. Now that we moved you guys have become even closer. I like watching you with my dad, loving, curious, confident and most of all, happy

Happy Birthday to the best boy - you make me so proud! 
Love Mom

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