Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tea Time

Picture is totally unrelated to blog...I just like it :)

Tis tea season again. The time of year when a hot cup of tea cradled in my hands brings me a few minutes of comfort and hopefully quiet! 
Here is a list of things I can do while waiting for the kettle to whistle....

*Check on sleeping babies kids and marvel for a minute
*Finish the box of chocolates and hide the evidence
*Pick up a random assortment of items from the floor - why were they playing with a comb?! 
*Wash a sink full of dishes
*Switch the laundry
*Get them started on a project that hopefully lasts as long as my cup of tea
*Stare absentmindedly out the window

It is amazing how taking a few minutes to settle down can recharge me for another round! 

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