Thursday, December 29, 2011


It is no secret that I love me a little self reflection...and an end of the year reflection? Well, it will keep me happily ruminating for weeks! There is certainly plenty to reflect on this year, seeing since just about halfway through 2011 we made the big move. A move that was so risky, so nerve racking, so exciting that we will surely feel the repercussions for many years to come. We still feel like we are in the very beginnings of our plan. Anxious to see it grow and still sometimes wondering if we should have just stayed where we were.

I think whenever I look back on 2011 the overwhelming feeling will be of pride. I am so proud of us for taking charge of our life. Proud that we were willing to take risks to achieve our goals. Im proud of my husband for throwing himself into a new career. Proud of my kids for easily joining new neighborhood crews and walking into new schools with smiles. Proud of my parents for welcoming us, loving us, and making this craziness as fun and as easy as possible.

Of course looking back eventually turns into looking forward. Accomplishments to be built upon, weaknesses to be corrected. I have some resolutions ready to be finalized. The only thing I like more than reflecting is goal setting!

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