Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Hunt

We went to the Christmas Tree Farm and picked out our tree (well, sort of....see below). And we laughed...oh my goodness did we laugh. But then again we always do when we are all together. 
click on this picture to see the guys faces, so funny!!

When we got home everyone got right to work. My father, mother and Mike rearranged furniture, got the stand in place and lugged in the tree. I scooted into the kitchen and got dinner ready. I peered in from time to time to see the action, check on the kids, and marvel on the scene. As I cooked, stirred and listened, I realized there was a lesson today.

My mother is big into Christmas. And the tree is her thing. We went out 3 times together and then she went once herself to pick the perfect Concolor tree (has to be concolor!). Then she brought us all down to the farm so that we could feel part of the process. And this is when the lesson began. After to close to 40 years of picking out Christmas Trees together, my father knows the drill. He knows that he will have very little say no say in the tree she chooses, but he goes along with the scripted scene. He doesn't complain...on the contrary he slips in little jokes that keep us all laughing. When we get home he starts the delegating and directing - it is what he is good at! My mother, perched on ladders or buried under the tree listens and follows his orders without with very little complaint.

That my friends is how successful marriages work :)


Nonnie said...

So cute and funny to hear this story. You forgot to tell them the year that I conceded to Dad's choice of the tree. We put the lights on, decorated it. I sat back and looked at it and told him that I was really disappointed in our tree this year. He agreed to un-decorate it, take it down, and buy a new tree and start all over again. And we did. I think I might be just a little crazy!

But . . . That's what a marriage is.

Nonnie said...

Oh . . . I mean that's what a "great" marriage is. I am lucky to be so loved.