Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Stories

Two True Stories about Tyler T. 

1. We all went to Plimouth Plantation the day after Thanksgiving - how appropriate of us, don't you think? While in one of the teeny tiny Pilgrim houses, a woman in character was explaining how they cooked as she sat next to the fire. Tyler standing a mere foot from her, looking right in her eye, said "Boring!!" as loud as he could, turned on his heel and walked out. 

2. I sat across from Tyler's 2 preschool teachers in a standard, too serious for preschool, conference. I listened patiently as they went on and on about how Tyler is polite, respectful and quiet. How he raises his hand, follows the rules of the classroom, shares and cleans up better than the other students. I resisted the urge to ask if they were sure they were talking about my son. When I returned home I congratulated Tyler and repeated what the teachers had said. Drew piped up, "Well, why doesn't he act like that at home?!" 


kdk said...

Ha! Tyler must just be too comfortable with you guys :)

jan said...

truer words were never spoken! children can get to the nuts and bolts in most situations! you've just got to love both guys spunk and personality! the plantation is really BORING i have to agree!!! jan