Friday, July 18, 2008

Chat Stew with Drew

Some recent conversations with Drew...

D: What's that?
Me: It is a church. (FYI, we never go to church)
D: Oh. I like church, mommy.
Me: You do, bud?
D: Yeah. Sing songs.
Me: Yup, there are songs in church.
D: I wanna go.
Me: Ok, maybe this weekend. (Im totally in shock at this point)
D: Nonnie and Caca come?
Me: I don't think so bud. They are in Boston. We can go without them.
D. Ok. Eat cake at church.
Me: Oh, Drew you are thinking about a wedding! That was a wedding we went to, they don't have cake at church. They do sing songs though.

Me: Good morning buddy!
D: &^$%$^ drive ^&*#* it.
Me: What?
D: mblahend drive it.
Me: You want to drive something?
D: Mommy, UNC drive it. Boat. Biiiiiigggg Lake!
Me: Oh, yup we are going to the Lake next week.
D: Boat ride with Unc?
Me: Sure, you can ride the boat with Unc.
D: No move, mommy. No move!

Silence over the monitor at nap time.

D: You happy, Ella?
E: Yes, I happy Drew.
D: Ok, Ella.

No noise for a few hours.

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