Wednesday, July 2, 2008

That's Chalk

I don't want to be one of "those moms" but maybe I am. Let me preface this by saying that both Mike and I have pretty bad teeth, as in we have a filling in just about every tooth. Ella and Drew have never had candy. It wasn't such a big deal until recently, especially since most of my friends follow the same idea. But in the last couple of weeks it has come up a few times. First a nice manager at our favorite restaurant gave them each a lollipop. This was moments after they ate ice cream, mind you. When Ella looked up at me clutching this new prize possession and said, "Mommy, what's that?" I lied. I admit it. I told her it was a toy for big kids. Because she is my daughter and probably inherited my abilities to detect something sweet in a 5 mile radius, she looked at me doubtfully and continued to hold tight and examine it for herself. Drew handed it over and busied himself with something else. A week later we went to a birthday party. I finally caved at the party and let them try a juice box. I know it sounds terrible, but what is the point of juice? They love fruit and eat plenty of it - why give them a sugary liquid? Anyway a few minutes after the juice, pizza, and cupcakes, they handed out the goody bags. They were loaded with smarties and lollipops. I waved away the mom approaching with candy necklaces, they don't even taste good. I could feel the strange looks and "tsk, tsking" from around the room. I wanted to say, "Come on, did you see I just let them have a juice box?!" Anyway by the time we got to the car they were already searching through their loot. Mike preoccupied Drew with a blow-up beach ball while simultaneously removing all candy from the bag. (Yes, he is so with me on this!) I tried to do the same with Ella, but she is too quick. "What's this?" she asked waving a smartee around. "It is chalk for the park." I lied again. This time it felt horrible because it wasn't even close to being true. I tried to tell myself that we could try to use it as chalk if she remembered. It didn't matter, she didn't believe me, I could see it in her eyes. Sure enough a few moments later she started whining for us to open it. "I want to eat it." I couldn't lie again. I just said no and tried to distract her until we got to our destination. I always said that once they started asking for it, I would let them have some, in moderation. But I just don't think Im ready. Ice cream, milk shakes, cookies, cake, no problem. Im just not ready for candy. I guess I am one of "those moms."

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