Friday, July 11, 2008

Some new favorites...

Ella and Drew are adding new words, phrases, and emotions to their vocab it seems everyday. Here are a few we are hearing quite often:

"I just..." As in

Me: Ella don't touch that! (Glass object in a store)
Ella: Im just looking at it.

Ella: I want it.
Me: Not right now, maybe later.
Ella: I just need one.

"I like it." or "It makes ma happy."

Drew: Mommy, I like your skin.
Ella: There's raisins in there! (English muffin). This makes ma happy!
Drew: I like this song. It makes ma happy!
Ella: I like this seat. This is a nice seat.
Ella after I explain why she just got in trouble: You happy, mommy?
Drew running at the lake: I happy mommy! I HAPPY!!

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