Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Star Struck

Six months ago we took a music class with a fun kids-rocker guy named Adam. He played the Bass and the guitar in class and Drew loved him. Last week we saw him at a park in H-town while visiting friends. He told us that he would be back at the park this week for a little free performance. Drew has not stopped talking about him since.
"Today Adams Class?" he asked each morning when he woke up. This AM when I said we would see Adam, Drew said, "Adam class make ma happy!" He was rushing Ella out of the house saying, "Come on, Ella, Adams class!" As we drove by the park he was banging on the windows yelling, "Adam class! I see it Mommy!" So it was to my surprise that when Adam approached Drew, he grabbed my legs and buried his face. He stared stone faced during the entire performance while Ella and their friends danced. Then on the way home he said, "More Adams class, mommy? I like it!"

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