Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Clicks

Today was a crazy crazy I mean Tyler falling off the bed and the cable guy hanging out in our living room for 6.5 hours, crazy. So, I have no idea why at 5 PM with thunder clanging in the distance, I decided to load up the crew and go grocery shopping. But you know what? Sometimes everything just clicks and we have a great time. Ella and Drew haven't been in a grocery store in a long, long time - possibly a year. In Hoboken we did shopping during nap time on the weekends and we could always scoot into little grocers on our daily walks to pick up necessities. It was a gamble, but I figured if it went bad I could at least grab some fruit before fleeing. Ella and Drew still like to ride in shopping carts, but with Tyler up front if I put them both in the big part there is no room for our purchases - resulting in fights and no shopping. Today there was no fighting and no taking turns. Ella happily chose to walk and Drew was in and out a few times. They had a ball in the produce department picking out fruit and asking what things were. Wow - a field trip, learning experience, and errand at the same time - Woo Hoo!! In the deli they noticed the music and put on an impromptu dance performance for the waiting crowd. I had to drag them out of there after "One more song!!" The rest of the time they chanted "Teamwork, Teamwork" as Ella handed items to Drew in the cart. I gave them each a box of animal crackers at the check out and everyone was happy. It just clicked! I know, I know, Im sure the novelty will end soon, but Im just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

I just re-read it pathetic that a trip to the grocery store is a noteworthy event? I need a hobby.

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