Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friendly Play

We have always played around and with other kids - city playgrounds were our stomping grounds since birth! But what was once laying on blankets with friends has morphed into full-fledged playing. At home they rarely play by themselves and they take turns initiating the activity. Recently they have been much more cooperative with each other and are dabbling in problem solving without my playing referee. "Ella, you take the red guitar. I have this drum." or maybe a "No, Drew, you read a book, I play with balloon!"

It is so interesting to watch personalities emerge while playing with their friends. Especially friends that we have had since they were infants. Ella is so excited while playing. She loves to play with friends and is smiling almost the whole time. She is game for anything, even if she has no idea what the game is!! Today her little friend was pretending to look for Nemo (a movie character) in their backyard. Ella was running around with her yelling "Mimo!!" She had no clue, but was having a blast. She also plays the leader sometimes and gets everyone going. As Mike says, she usually takes it to the next level, mostly involving getting a little too crazy, physical or loud. But, she can't help it she is loving life!!
Drew is a very considerate little guy. He likes everyone to be happy and takes pains to make sure the play is fair. He also loves to run, tackle, and hold hands. Sometimes it is cute to watch him engrossed in a toy at a friends house. He becomes oblivious to what is around him. I always think of my brother and his GI Joes during those moments.

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